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Student-made 'White' redefines 'F.P.S.'


Created by first-year students at ENJIM, the Graduate School of Games and Interactive Medias in Angoulême, France, White plays on the classic FPS formula by asking players not just to shoot, but to: "Frag, Paint and Share." Designed in just four months, the game is, curiously, "based on both the player's violence and creativity."

You traverse a flat, white canvas, fragging multicolored "Calvis" -- chubby Pikmin-like creatures -- which bleed and burst into beautiful splatter (paint!). Get this: The logo pictured above is actually a bird's-eye view of the after-action gameworld, called a "Whitepaper." Players are encouraged to share these murderous works of art through the official game site.

White was released today for PC. You can download the game here -- it's free! Check out the launch trailer after the break.

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Frag, Paint, Share

The WHITE Team is pleased to announce the release of WHITE (PC), first FPS combining pleasure and creativity.

Developed in a few months at ENJMIN, France, WHITE tries to fool the classic VideoGame/Violence association in a gloating experience where the player explores the possibilities to create its own Whitepapers!

The Calvis live a peaceful existence, soon disturbed by your Pollock Gun, Boulder Launcher and other Shotgun: It's up to you to discover the combinations in a game where fun meet creation ! WHITE is not just fun, it's also completely free!

Go to to download the game and share your creations!

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