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Gaijin Games planning something 'totally different' after Bit.Trip


Bit.Trip Fate just hit WiiWare and developer Gaijin Games still has another, unannounced Bit.Trip title to complete -- but that doesn't mean company CEO Alex Neuse isn't already looking even further into the future. In an interview with Extra Guy, Neuse teased, "After the Bit.Trip series is complete, you're going to see something totally different from us."

Rather than detail the studio's 3DS ambitions, Neuse chose to give an idea of what type of games Gaijin could work on next. "We definitely aren't a retro studio -- we don't only make retro games; we don't only make rhythm/music games. It just so happens that's the first thing we did."

Other than that, though, Neuse kept coy, only offering, "We're going to try to branch out a little bit and flex our creative and business muscle a little bit, and do something a little bit more ambitious than the stuff we've done so far." So, we're going to see Commander Video enter a fully-realized 3D urban sandbox crime drama, you know, with hookers? Is that what he's saying?

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