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'Haunted Majora's Mask' ARG brought back to life by players


Jadusable's tale of a haunted copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask wasn't just a well-executed creepypasta. It was also an ARG! Coded messages in Jadusable's 'recent activity' log led players into a narrative in which the occupant of the cartridge escaped and trapped the character of the hapless person who found it. Players interacted with the game in part by leaving comments on the YouTube channel, including the magical songs from the game.

Or they did, until Jadusable declared that the game was on hiatus due to lack of funds. Instead of walking away from an amusing web game, players actually donated money to the project in order to keep it going. Jadusable plans to release the next chapter of the game this holiday season, along with " an interactive videogame for download in tandem with the final phase of the story." Get caught up with the game here if you're interested in jumping into this world.

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