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PlayStation Phone prototype further detailed, codenamed 'Zeus'


Continuing coverage of the PlayStation Phone leak, Engadget has now posted details about the unannounced gaming slash celly device. Apparently the phone is currently known as "Zeus" internally and isn't running Android 3.0 firmware just yet (it's said to be running on 2.X for now). Additionally, Engadget reports, citing "multiple, trusted sources ... and we're not just talking good tipsters -- some of our information comes from people much more closely connected to the project," that the "rumor" nature of the device is no longer in effect:
"The PlayStation Phone in the photos we ran last night, and the device reported on back in August is most definitely real. We're not saying that because we want to believe or because we're gingerly trying to nab pageviews: we're saying it because we know it to be true."
Meanwhile, SCEE's original statement regarding the device -- "These images are definitely fake" -- has turned into: "Sony doesn't comment on rumour or speculation" (as has Sony Ericsson's statement). When contacted, SCEA counterparts similarly told us, "We do not comment on rumors or speculation." Unfortunately, suggesting to Sony that the PlayStation Phone doesn't appear to be either "rumor" or "speculation" didn't elicit further comment.

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