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Rumor: Camera woes holding up white iPhone, may be perma-postponed


The mysterious and semi-mythical white iPhone 4 just can't catch a break. First Apple acknowledges the phone won't see stores before this Spring; now Cult of Mac is reporting that the reason may not be a manufacturing issue at all. Instead, the phone's white case and the rear-facing camera may be interacting in a downright uncooperative way.

The CoM source suggests that the white iPhone case leaks light into the camera sensor, resulting in washed-out photos regardless of the subject lighting. The problem was supposedly identified very late in the game at Apple's testing center that qualifies cases for use with the phone.

Considering that the tick-tock of phone releases means we'll likely see another iPhone model over the summer anyway, it doesn't seem too far-fetched to stand with Boy Genius Report and their source that says the iPhone 4 will never ship in white. The hypothesis/inside info is that another delay would be announced in March, leading to the white 4 being superceded by the white 5.

If you're waiting for a white iPhone 4 -- really now -- please stop holding your breath.

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