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Star Trek Online preps player-generated content tools

Jef Reahard

Cryptic Studios is boldly going where only a handful of MMORPGs have gone before: namely, the user-generated content quadrant. The official Star Trek Online forums now sport an additional section dedicated to hosting discussions about The Foundry, a set of mission authoring tools that will be made available to players in short order.

The Foundry looks to add a ton of additional content options to a title that has occasionally been criticized for a lack of things to do, and Cryptic hints that more functionality will be forthcoming. "Players can customize pre-made planet surfaces and star systems with their own encounters, objects, and story. They can also create their own star systems from scratch. More map features are planned for future updates," reads the FAQ on the o-boards.

The system will also feature peer review, with the aim of ensuring that only the highest quality missions make it into the new community authored content tab. STO players looking to test the new tools should keep an eye on their emails for invites to the upcoming closed beta.

[Thanks to Stormwaltz for the tip!]

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