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Xbox Live Indie Game 'Leucistic Wyvern' looks familiar


Can't remember the name Leucistic Wyvern? Try "that one Xbox Live Indie Game that looks suspiciously like Panzer Dragoon." Mukagosoftware Development's XBLIG rail shooter is reminiscent of Sega's classic not only in that it's about a dragon shooting multiple types of projectiles as it flies across the countryside -- but also in that it looks like a Saturn game.

The low-budget visuals (a staple of Mukagosoftware games; see Blaster and Morion and Sizonphase) result in savings that are passed on to the player. Leucistic Wyvern sells for just 80 Microsoft Points ($1). Check out a charmingly low-quality trailer (made by pointing a camera at a TV) after the break.

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