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Attempts to play Kinect early can result in headaches, nausea, and an acute lack of Xbox Live


Our friends at Joystiq are reporting that receiving an early Kinect unit or a Kinect title is cause for caution and adult supervision, not celebration. Turns out if you attempt to play the game, the Xbox will offer you an update, and if you accept, you'll get pushed an early version of the new Dashboard that not only won't work with Kinect, but also won't let you sign into Xbox Live. Want to update again or revert? Sorry, smart guy, you're stuck. Of course, Microsoft will no doubt be rescuing you on or before November 4th, when Kinect is officially released to the public and it has to push the new Dashboard to everyone, but until then you'll probably be stuck trying to remember what game consoles did before they connected to the internet. We vaguely recall something about gathering stars...

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