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Developers shed light on Silent Hill 8


Silent Hill 8, appropriately enough, has thus far remained shrouded in mystery. Apart from a few basic plot details -- an escaped convict winds up in Silent Hill -- very little information has been revealed. Now, thanks to a developer interview posted on the Silent Hill Facebook page, some of the fog is starting to lift.

Producer Tomm Hulett -- also producer on the excellent Shattered Memories -- notes that Silent Hill 8 doesn't have the same aesthetics as previous titles, explaining that Silent Hill would become boring if every entry was the same (we're inclined to agree). While it may look different, Hulett notes that it's his job to make sure that Silent Hill 8 "is all true to the themes and the spirit" of the series.

Meanwhile, Design Director Brian Gomez adds that Czech Republic-based Vatra Games is perfectly situated to create Silent Hill 8. He explains that Vatra's headquarters in the city of Brno is actually located near an old dungeon as well as "Soviet era Gulag style buildings." There are even local catacombs that uniquely preserve the bodies within. In other words, it sounds like the team has its inspiration covered. Now let's just hope all the perspiration pays off.

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