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Dress like Steve Jobs for Halloween with iWear


The guys at Scoopertino have the exclusive details on Apple's "next big product launch." According to them, "Apple is making a multimillion-dollar bet" that you'll want it, too. Apple is set to release their first ever clothing line, dubbed "iWear," which lets you dress exactly like Steve Jobs. The iWear line will consist of a mock black turtleneck, jeans, gray New Balance 991 sneakers, and a pair of non-prescription Steve Jobs-style glasses. Apple will push the new iWear clothing line with the ad campaign slogan: "Be Like Steve."

If you haven't realized by now (and I hope you have), this is just another joke from Scoopertino, a Mac satire news site. Click on over to their site to read the whole article; they've got some great "quotes" from Apple's PR people and have really outdone themselves with iWear mock-ups (including a really funny tag with care instructions for your iWear jeans). And fret not: just because iWear isn't real, it doesn't mean you still can't dress like Steve for Halloween.

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