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ESRB rates 'Mr. Bean' for Wii (note: it is 2010)


Here's a bad idea: making a cartoon in 2002 based on a TV series that ended in 1995, which relied entirely upon one actor's physical comedy skills, and featured very little dialogue.

Here's a worse idea: making a Wii platformer in 2008 based on that animated series.

The worst idea yet: Taking that 2008 game based on the 2002 cartoon of the early-1990s TV show about the near-mute man, and then releasing it in another country where that character isn't nearly as popular. Oh, and doing that in 2010 or 2011.

Crave is doing just that. The ESRB's description of Crave's new "Mr. Bean" game -- including use of cooking pans and bug spray as weapons -- matches up with the gameplay in Mr. Bean's Wacky World of Wii, meaning that those of us stateside will be able to take part in Mr. Bean's search for 1,000 cat biscuits. Because that's what the game is about. That has to factor into the quality of this idea somewhere.

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