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MAG Escalation DLC out November 2


The next round of MAG DLC, the Escalation pack, is set to arrive on November 2 for $9.99. The DLC adds the new Escalation mode, which some players may have tried during the recent beta. Escalation has each of the three 32-player teams attempting to take over two of three objectives. Should any team manage this feat, gameplay moves on to phase two, and said team must now defend a fourth objective for as long as possible. If the fourth objective falls, gameplay reverts back to phase one. Play continues until one team has reached a certain number of points or time runs out. In essence, Escalation sounds like a remixed version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2's Rush mode (which is by no means a bad thing).

The Escalation pack also adds three new maps -- Isla de Magma, Silverback Ridge and Radiant Barrens -- along with nine new weapons. To celebrate the Escalation pack, some other MAG goodies will be discounted on PSN come release day. First up, the Interdiction DLC will be reduced from $9.99 to $4.99. A $14.99 MAG starter kit will also available, bundling together the Escalation and Interdiction DLC along with a 30-day trial of two additional character slots, six PS3 avatars and three dynamic themes. Sounds like a pretty good deal for MAG newcomers.

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