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Parks & Rec stars announce the show is airing in IMAX 3D... just like Seinfeld did?


Just in case you didn't get enough of Adam Scott in 3D during Piranha 3D this summer, he and Parks & Rec costar Amy Poehler take some time out in this video on NYMag to break the news that the show is coming back... and in IMAX 3D, just like Seinfeld. Yeah. It may not exactly jump out of the screen at you, but just in case there's been something missing from your Thursday night NBC lineup (really, who would believe it's going 3D for even a second, they were still airing Scrubs in SD just a couple of years ago) this might be the bump you need to get by until the show is back on in regular old HDTV, and it's just beyond the source link.

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