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Team Fortress 2 Halloween special adds game's first boss


This year's Team Fortress 2 Halloween special includes things that no man has ever seen in Team Fortress 2 -- indeed, things that most TF2 players will insist do not, and cannot exist. Like an NPC. For the first time in any Team Fortress game, your team will meet an AI boss character: the "Horseless, Headless Horsemann." He'll be waiting for you in the spooky new Mann Manor map, which would be a much more frightening prospect if your whole team wasn't overladen with giant guns at all times.

Other new updates include Halloween items in the Mann Co. store, a randomly dropping Haunted Halloween Gift, and Ghostchievements, which are like regular Achievements but scarier, obviously. You can now gift wrap items in the store, as well, but despite Valve's best efforts, we're not going to buy that as a Halloween-themed update.

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