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The Daily Grind: Do you like dynamic events?

Jef Reahard

A recent Blizzard forum posting regarding the coming of Deathwing reminded us of a certain zombie plague that ravaged the lands of Azeroth two years ago this month. It seems that, in a nutshell, the fiendish dragon will soon take to the skies to terrorize questers throughout the realm. True to form for huge fire-breathing monstrosities, victim conveniences are an afterthought.

According to the post, "Deathwing will randomly choose territories in Azeroth to attack each day until his ruinous reign is brought to an end [...] the unfortunate victims of his malice will receive a rare Feat of Strength... as well as a repair bill and corpse run."

While the prospect of dynamic events of this type excites some gamers, the zombie plague showed us that it irritates just as many (if not more), as it detracts from the steady diet of progression. What about you, Massively readers? Will you be upset if your gaming session takes an unexpected turn, or do you like surprises of this type?

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