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Battleground Europe lowers sub fee, adds content

Jef Reahard

Quick, what was the first MMO? No, it wasn't WoW. It wasn't World War II Online either, even though it seems like the long-running game -- now called Battleground Europe -- has been around since the fall of the Third Reich. Cornered Rat's stalwart combat sim recently patched to version 1.32, adding new player-built object functionality to the game's sprawling recreation of the war-torn Europe of the 1940s.

Players can now build infantry fighting positions, gun emplacements, and forward resupply units right on the battlefield, and the developers expect the mechanic to lead to new and diverse gameplay options in both offensive and defensive combat. Future updates to the system will include minefields, pontoon bridges, flak mounts, and even landing strips.

If that's not enough to wet your whistle, how does a cheaper monthly subscription grab you? Check out the game's trial -- sans any credit card requirements -- and then pay a paltry $12.99 per month if you like it well enough to enlist.

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