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Greenberg: Kinect sales won't depend on review scores


Speaking to Eurogamer, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg said that he expects Kinect to sell more units during its launch period than the Wii did when it launched in 2006. "We'll definitely sell more sensors than the Wii sold when it launched or the Xbox 360 sold when it launched," said Greenberg, though he doesn't necessarily believe that sales will be dependent on high review scores. He noted that Kinect offers "different types of titles and experiences" than what most core users are used to.

"The correlation between a review score for Halo: Reach and sales is very high, but Kinect Sports is more about just having fun," said Greenberg, adding that Microsoft would certainly like to see high review scores, though he doesn't expect "the same type of correlation between reviews and actual sales of the game." Greenberg's comments echo similar comments from EA's Peter Moore last year, when he stated that casual Wii game sales are more dependent on Amazon user reviews than Metacritic.

Check out the whole interview for Greenberg's thoughts on Steel Batallion, Black Ops versus Halo: Reach and PlayStation Move, which he doesn't see as direct competition for Kinect

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