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Jaffe loves fan-made Twisted Metal movie, wants one on PSN


When Twisted Metal co-creator David Jaffe tweeted back in June about his interest in a "low-budget slasher movie" starring TM character Sweet Tooth, Blue Goggles Films took the idea and ran with it. The studio recently cut its first trailer for Twisted Metal: Home Sweet Home, and we checked in with both Jaffe and Blue Goggles to gauge the reception. "Fucking fantastic -- and yes, please quote me on that," was Jaffe's initial response. "Just great and totally the kind of thing I want to see happen with the character."

Blue Goggles, of course, had no idea what kind of response to expect upon the trailer's release. "We've lived in a bubble for the past month while we were making it and, while we thought the project was going to be cool, we didn't know if other people would," director Ben Moody told us. He confirmed the genesis of the idea, saying, "The whole concept for the trailer was directly inspired by Jaffe's quote/tweet about wanting a Sweet Tooth slasher movie for the PSN."

As for the project's future, both Jaffe and Blue Goggles would like to see Sony pick up the would-be feature (the film is currently planned as a free release since Blue Googles does not have the rights to commercially distribute it.). "This is what needs to happen: a straight-to-PSN Sweet Tooth slasher flick! Will it happen? I dunno -- but man I hope so!" Jaffe urged. "Either way, this fan film is really, really cool. What a neat thing to see. Whoever made it -- thank you! Great job that captures the low budget slasher flicks of the '80s that I hold so near and dear to my heart. Now let's just hope Sony jumps on board and we can get a whole feature out of it!"

Moody is equally enthusiastic, saying, "Since we've seen such a great response in just one day, we plan to get in touch with Jaffe and Sony to see if they are interested in making a full-on slasher movie starring Sweet Tooth for the PSN."

As of publishing, Sony had yet to respond to our request for comment.

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