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Microsoft also declares record revenue, but Apple still on top


Apple isn't the only technology company that's posting record revenue this year -- Microsoft has brought in $16.20 billion in the last quarter, which stands as a record with a 25 percent increase from the same time last year. The Seattle giant also increased net income to $5.41 billion, so it looks like Halo Reach (in September) and Office 2010 (in July) sent things in a good direction.

Apple announced revenue of $20 billion last quarter, which puts the Cupertino company on top by $4 billion in terms of incoming money. But Microsoft still rules net income, with Apple pulling in $4.31 billion for the same quarter. That may change next reporting period, given Apple's steam in the industry so far, but no matter which way you slice it, both of these companies are rolling in the dough.

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