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Phat Loot Phriday: Keys to the Hot Rod


"Whoah, Throgg," Lolegolas gasped, clasping his hands together. He tried not to blush when he realized he was bouncing idly like a night elf woman. "That is one heck of a ride!"

Throgg climbed out of the car, twirling the Hot Keys to the Hot Rod in his hand. "It's OK, I guess," Throgg replied nonchalantly. "I mean, it goes fast and makes a pleasing 'vroom' sound. And, better, has good radio stations."

"Throgg, I have to say," the blood elf sighed. "I'm just awfully impressed. It's a very dashing vehicle, especially for someone of your limited means."

"Oh, I can be plenty mean," the orc replied. "But the car only works in that place that is blowed up now. Can't drive it now, really."

The blood elf sighed, sitting down next to the vehicle. "That's a shame. I really love this hot rod."

"We can hope it will reappear one day," Throgg replied clamping his friend's shoulder. "That's what patches are for."

Keys to the Hot Rod

  • Zone Restriction: Kezan
  • Quest Item
  • Use: Get in your hot rod! (5-sec. cooldown)
How to get it: Despite Throgg's using his elite skills to pick up his own key to a hot rod, you must be a goblin in the starting area to get your own.
How to get rid of it: Blow up your island, preferably with the help of an angry dragon. Don't worry -- this will disappear on its own.

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