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Take-Two CEO Feder quitting to travel Asia, Zelnick to become CEO


Friday 29 October

New British trainer at the gym tells me I'm 13 stone. That's better than 70-something kilos, but apparently I've put on weight. It's all my soon-to-be ex-CEO Ben Feder's fault.

Food consumed today: Nothing, yet. But I'm sure the Federator is going to drag me out to McDonalds for lunch again (I do admit I love me a pair of McChicken sandwiches). The movie Super Size Me has nothing on him at the moment, he's taking in everything American he can before jetting -- you should see the pile of Jack in the Box Oreo milkshakes by his desk.

Morning. Brisk autumn day in New York.

Woe is me, Diary,

Going to hold back the tears as I write this. My home slice, Ben Feder, is giving up his position as Chief Executive Officer of Take-Two to "travel Asia with his family for an extended period." I shoulda figured something was up, since every time we went out to a Chinese restaurant he would ask, "Do you think Chinese food is the same in China?"

There is one benefit to the Federator leaving ... I'm gonna be CE-mutha-O! Tee-hee, Diary. Not gonna lie, it feels good to imagine myself as Capt. Picard: "Engage" all projects! Being Take-Two's Executive Chairman is great and all, but C-E-O!

Anyway, one of my executive vee-pees, Karl Slatoff, will take on the "newly created role" of Chief Operating Officer. Oh Di, how silly is this "newly created role" business? Truth is, it hurt a little refilling the spot after my former COO Gary "Gar Bear" Dale left last year -- I left the door open for him and always set out an extra plate at dinner, just hoping he'd come back.

Yeah, so, the official transition of all this will take place on New Year's Day 2011. Looking forward to having Feder show me the ropes of his job, but I don't think my body can handle doing it over lunch meetings at Mickey D's, Burger King and Wendy's every afternoon anymore.


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