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Track election night on your iPad with the ABC News app


Growing up, election night in my house was always how I imagined the Super Bowl to be for most people. We huddled around the TV and excitedly watched the incoming results with hope and trepidation. But of course election night just isn't a silly game, and the final "score" literally affects hundreds of millions of people, sometimes for decades.

As someone who hasn't owned a TV in four years, I was pleased to see that ABC News has updated their app to provide a fully interactive electorate map. The map shows you the normal color-coded blue and red states for the Senate and how their political makeup stands now. It also shows you the color-coded districts for the House. But what's coolest about this map is its interactivity.

First, you can tap the "results" tab and, starting at 7 PM Tuesday night, an empty House and Senate map will start filling with colors based on who's won in that state or district. But the interactivity goes further. ABC has built in a "What If?" game that lets you play out different scenarios of the final outcomes for the House and Senate races if certain candidates win. For Senate races, for example, simply tap a state and a pop-up will appear with all the candidates running. Tap the name of the person you think will win, and the electorate map will change colors for that state. The bar chart for the total number of seats needed for a majority will also change based on your predictions.

ABC News for iPad is a free download.

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