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$50 Samsung Media Hub vouchers making Epic 4G and Galaxy Tab purchases a little sweeter

Chris Ziegler

Presumably looking to build some brand awareness, Sprint and Samsung are apparently teaming up to offer new Epic 4G owners $50 vouchers redeemable toward "select" movie rentals in its Media Hub video-on-demand store -- which will actually buy quite a bit of content, when you think about it. The way it works is that you'll buy the phone and get texted a ten-digit promo code within a few days; once you redeem it for the first time, you'll have 60 days to use it up, otherwise the whole thing will expire on March 31st of next year. Word on the street is that the promotion is also headed for the Sprint version of the Galaxy Tab, which would give these guys a leg up for potential buyers viewing the Tab primarily as a media consumption device when you consider that the same product is coming to all four nationals (plus a regional). Of course, the vouchers are being billed as redeemable toward "select" content, so we'll have to see just how limited it is before calling this a great deal.

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