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Frolicking in Freeport: EverQuest II's city festival features fun and finery


It may be the evilest city of them all, but that doesn't mean that EverQuest II's Freeport can't cut loose and have a good time now and then. For the duration of this week (November 1st through 7th), the city festival has moved to Freeport, and players are encouraged to head on over and pay their respects to the Overlord.

The city festival is a roaming monthly event in EQII that features a different one of the six capitals, wherein players can complete repeatable quests and hand in city writs to collect the cleverly-named city tokens. Said tokens are then taken to a midway and spent on Skeeball -- or, in a more truthful sense, they are exchanged for unique house decorations. Freeport is featuring a special lamppost, display counter and a carved door for collectors.

Players are also welcome to snag one of the six winning paintings from last month's Oktoberfest Forum Challenge. Winners of the contest had their screenshots immortalized as an in-game painting. Housing is one of EQII's crown jewels, so this is a great opportunity to deck out your pad!

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