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Gina Torres as Wonder Woman in DC Universe

Jef Reahard

The hits just keep on coming for DC Universe Online, as SOE has added another A-list performer to the game's star-studded voice cast. Gina Torres, well-loved in geek circles for her role as Firefly's Zoe Washburne, lends her vocal talent to one of DC's classic heroines: Wonder Woman.

In the latest Voices of the Game video, creative director Jens Andersen narrates a brief look at Wonder Woman's in-game appearances as well as Torres' work in the recording studio. Torres, who also guest-starred in Joss Whedon's Angel, is the third Whedonverse veteran to sign up for SOE's superhero extravaganza, joining James Marsters (Lex Luthor) and Adam Baldwin (Superman). Other DC Universe Online notables include Arlene Sorkin, Wil Wheaton, and Dwight Schultz.

Take a look at Torres, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the video after the break.

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