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HyperMac to return as HyperJuice


As of tomorrow, November 2nd, HyperMac will stop selling MagSafe-Compatible charging cables, in compliance with a lawsuit filed by Apple. Now, the company has announced its intentions to re-brand itself "HyperJuice," though what that will entail other than a name change is unknown.

Daniel Chin, President of Sanho Corporation, told Engadget that the soon-to-be HyperJuice is in "comprehensive licensing negotiations" with Apple over a "wide array of technologies and issues." HyperMac has produced a number of small, portable batteries that can provide power to a variety of Apple portable devices. When connected to a MacBook Pro with their MagSafe-like connector, the "MBP-PRO," the external batteries could be used to charge the computer's internal battery.

Apple objected to sales of the devices, saying they violated patents related to MagSafe cables and other cables using a 30-pin connection.

If you want one, you've got to act fast as sales will end at midnight, 00:00 U.S. Pacific Time. Good luck to the team at Sanho Corporation.

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