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Star Wars Galaxies begins the Witch trials


The Force witches have ruled Dathomir for over 600 years, and SOE has decided to place renewed focus on these unique characters in Star Wars Galaxies with its new update simply titled The Witches of Dathomir. Limited information has been given regarding what this update entails, but we were given hints in our email interview with producer Tony Tyson.

This weekend, the prologue to the update was placed on SWG's test server. Further clues to what this feature holds were given to us in forum posts by developers. The quest starts when you visit Warlord Omogg, who is looking to hire people willing to explore the wilds of Dathomir. The prologue allows the player to align either with the Nightsisters or the Singing Mountain Clan, two major opposing factions of witches. Although the rest of the story has yet to be revealed, Mikkel "Hjal" Jensen, Lead Designer for SWG, assures us in a couple of forum posts, "You'll be able to switch sides so you'll be able to do both sides of the themepark," and "both the prologue and the theme park are going to have some rewards unique to each side [faction] and some rewards that are the same for both sides [factions]."

Be sure to sign up for the SWG Test Center in your Station Launcher to get a sneak peek at this highly anticipated update.

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