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ZTE's AD8000 Android MID gets sized up at the FCC, with full specs in tow

Tim Stevens

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What first we thought was the Light is actually something wholly different -- and rather less exciting. What we have here is called simply the AD8000 MID, a 7-inch device from ZTE with an 800 x 480 resistive touchscreen. Power comes courtesy a 600MHz processor, smarts courtesy Android 2.2, and there's up to 16GB of storage internally and SDHC expansion for when that's tapped out. 802.11b/g are your wireless options, while 10 hours is rated as maximum battery life while listening to music, though that drops to six if you're cruising the web and/or watching videos. The FCC has kindly posted the thing's full operating manual including all specs if you'd like to know more, but since Archos already has this segment rather well covered we'll go back to waiting for the Light to light up our lives.

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