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Aska Electron promises to add data transfer to wireless power systems


Try to get past the mess of wires in the prototype above for a minute; you might just be looking at the future of wireless power -- at least if the folks at Aska Electron have their way, that is. They've developed a new system that not only wirelessly charges your gadgets (a la Powermat and others), but wirelessly transfers data at the same time at speeds up to 120Mbps. While complete details on how that's possible are still a bit light, the system does apparently use the same coils for both charging and data transfer, but different wavebands for each. The real kicker, however, is that while it's seemingly still just in the prototype stage, Aska says it expects the first commercial applications to hit the market by the end of this year. Exactly what those products might be isn't clear, but Aska says the technology could eventually lead to thinner, waterproof devices that don't need ports of any kind.

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