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Fable 3 fixes incoming, Lionhead asking for bug submissions

One expects to come up against all manner of opposition when attempting a violent overthrow of a monarchy, but game-crashing technical issues shouldn't be one of them. An update on Lionhead's official blog has revealed that the developer is currently working on a patch for a few known Fable 3 issues, and is also seeking bug submissions from the game's most attentive players. You might take umbrage over having to do QA for a game you spent 60 American dollars on, but, think of it this way: You can pretend like you just won Season 3 of The Tester.

The blog post also contains a workaround for folks who are having trouble transferring their hard-earned gold over from the Fable 3 Kingmaker App over to the game itself. No, throwing your smartphone at your Xbox 360 as hard as you possibly can, hoping the gold will transfer over in the ensuing collision, is not the solution.

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