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Jobs says iTunes extras are "coming" to Apple TV


Steve Jobs emails tend to lie along a spectrum: at one end, they're pretty much useless (and probably often fake), and at the other end, they're interesting little glances at features we might get in the future. I'm putting this one in the second category, but of course, as usual, it's up to you what you think of it. Jobs allegedly replied to a question about iTunes LPs and iTunes Extras arriving on the new Apple TV software anytime soon, and his one word reply, sent directly from his iPhone, is supposed to be: "Coming."

So presumably we'll see those features added back in soon. We already know there's a firmware update coming for AirPlay functionality, and that one's due out as soon as next week, so we can hope that iTunes Extras and LP support will be included in there. Steve's not known for being too garrulous in these emails, and in this one, he didn't have to be. If you buy that it's a real email from Jobs, those extra features are "coming" to the Apple TV soon.


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