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RuneScape gearing up for big November additions

Jef Reahard

Halloween may be over, but Jagex is still in a festive mood judging by all of the November updates coming to RuneScape. Chief among the additions is The Warped Floors, a high-level dungeon update that features the toughest bosses in the long-running history of the free-to-play title. New rewards are also in store, including prayer point necklaces, a new pet, and the scroll of cleansing (which grants a permanent increase to potion-making speed and gives you a chance to save a secondary ingredient).

In addition to the dungeoneering updates, RuneScape is adding a new quest that involves the lore of the game's desert region, as well as the Pharaoh Queen Senilten, plagues and sandstorms, and the vile Devourer. Finally, there's the newest master quest, Do No Evil, which involves Three Wise Monkeys, King Awowogei, and the Kharidian Desert.

Sound good? Check out the official RuneScape website for more details.

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