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The 7th Guest coming to iOS ... from Trilobyte

Justin McElroy

OK, so we don't have jet packs or the ability to vote through our DVRs (you did remember to vote, didn't you?) but at least you can say this of 2010: A game that once required CD-ROMs to work is now available on your iPhone. Or more specifically, spooky FMV gem The 7th Guest will be available this December on the iOS platform. We've put a trailer for you after the jump if you're completely in the dark (i.e. younger than 25).

Oh, oh, but we haven't told you the best part! Guess who's bringing the game to market? None other than a reformed Trilobyte Games, the original house behind not only The 7th Guest but other oddballs like The 11th Hour and (at least in part) the supremely odd Tender Loving Care (starring John Hurt). Can you believe it? ... C'mon, where all my FMV nerds at?

... Anybody?

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