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Thieves drive truck through Apple retailer's wall


We've heard of quite a few robberies at Apple Stores (and in its own twisted way, the idea makes sense -- despite the adage that 'crime doesn't pay,' laptops and iPhones are certainly easy to carry and very resellable), but this is probably the most brute force way we've seen it done. A set of thieves in Portland, Oregon just plain crashed a truck through the front window of the MacPac reseller there, and ripped off some iPads, MacBooks, and a few more devices from the store a few weeks ago.

Fortunately, it sounds like things are as under control as they can be -- not only did the store's cameras capture the suspects on tape, but the police showed up within minutes, and the store's owner says that even though this has happened before, "the last person who did this we put away." So it sounds like justice will be served up, Apple retailer style, soon enough.

Thanks, Patrick!

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