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AppleCare now transferable to new purchases within 30 days

David Winograd

According to an Apple Internal memo not yet release to the public, Apple will now allow transferring an AppleCare agreement on a product bought within the last 30 days to a another product of the same type. Previously, the policy stated that AppleCare must be canceled and then repurchased if you wanted it to cover another product you own. If you gift or sell your covered product to someone else, AppleCare could always be transferred with a simple phone call.

AppleCare at present increases your warranty to two years on iOS devices and three years on Macs. I agree with TJ Luoma in believing that AppleCare is a necessity, since we have both used it to cover repairs that out-priced the plan.

I don't understand the point of this policy though. It seems unlikely that a customer would buy an Apple product, have it covered with AppleCare and then within 30 days by another one and transfer coverage. Can anyone help me out on this?
[via BGR]

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