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Motorola Backflip getting limited Android 2.1 rollout today, all markets on November 9th

Chris Ziegler

It's been a long road, but users of AT&T's rather bizarre Motorola Backflip will finally be seeing upgrades to Android 2.1 -- upgrades that were originally promised in the first half of the year, then delayed to the third quarter, then delayed once again. Enough with the bellyaching, though, eh? A thousand customers who volunteered to get the update early via Motorola's support forums should've started getting access to it today, while "all markets" will receive it on November 9th -- and interestingly, it'll only be available as an offline update (in other words, no over-the-air option here). The update process will take up to a whopping 40 minutes, so be sure to make yourself a quick bite to eat before you sit down to undertake this operation.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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