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Personality or progression: WAR's 1.4.0 patch offers a choice


With the Skaven waiting in the wings, Warhammer Online's 1.4.0 patch delivers a few tantalizing goodies right here and now. The focus of the patch is two new "RvR packs" that can be picked up in the EA Store. For players looking for a leg up in their RvR advancement, the progression pack offers faster Renown Rank climbing as well as an increased cap of level 100. On the flip side, players looking for fun, fluff and fast travel can opt for the personality pack, which includes new dyes, quick mounts, barbershop tokens and vanity pets. Of course, you could always drop $10 for a free level instead.

Patch 1.4.0 also features a major revamp of two core WAR features: open RvR zone capture and renown abilities. Mythic has pared down the victory conditions of open RvR to just capturing the enemy's keep, which is aided by achieving battlefield objectives and producing siege weapons. Renown abilities have lost their tiered structure, allowing players to purchase passive traits when and if they have the points for them. The dev team has added a number of new abilities as well.

For more on improved itemization, the infamous Barber Surgeon and class changes, head on over to the WAR Herald and check out the patch notes.

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