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Report: Ignition Florida shutting its doors


More trouble for Ignition Entertainment -- after the recent closure of its London studio and the subsequent cancellation of WarDevil, it looks like Reich is headed for the same fate, as the company's Florida studio is now closed, according to a report from Gamasutra. Unconfirmed reports say that all of the studio's 70 employees were let go by the company and escorted off of the premises by executives and police officers. Calls to the studio went unanswered, although a rep from Ignition says that Reich is still being worked on, but that the company is "refocusing it in the right direction."

If the rumors are true, that just leaves Ignition offices in Tokyo and Los Angeles, with El Shaddai left standing as the main title in development for the company. Even if Reich is still in development, rumors say it's cost the company as much as $23 million so far. Quite the disaster indeed.

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