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Toy Story director is a Mac addict

Michael Gray

Lee Unkrich is one of the creative minds behind the Toy Story series, A Bug's Life, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo. Those are, of course, just a few of his accomplishments. He's obviously a fairly important part of the Pixar creative empire, and his movies have inspired millions of people. He's also a self-proclaimed Mac addict.

In an interview with Cult of Mac, Unkrich fessed up to his undying love of Apple products. His first was the Apple II Plus, which is about as much Apple street cred as you can hope to get. Unkrich says he's owned nearly every Apple product since that first machine, even the much-maligned Newton. He's remained a devoted follower through the good times and the bad and is looking forward to even more Apple advances in the future.

To me, the most interesting bit came pretty early in the interview with Unkrich. When asked what he loved so much about Macs, Unkrich replied that it was Apple's "unrelenting quest to make beautiful, functional devices. [Macs] practically drip with the care and attention that went into their creation." Isn't that really the thing that inspires us Mac users? That solid, remarkable design and careful consideration of every aspect of the Mac experience.

It's good to see the appreciation for Mac poetry shared by such a creative director.

Edit: Edit to make Unkrich's role a little more clear -- MG

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