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Verizon iPhone announcement rumored to hit on November 9 [nope, it's the Droid Pro]


Update: Yes, well, so much for that theory. The Iconic Device is revealed as the Droid Pro, complete with a full keyboard. That's one tall phone.

Yes, we know, another day and another iPhone/Verizon rumor -- but this one comes with a photo and a rather interesting backstory.

Here come the puzzle pieces. Verizon has been beefing up on staffing recently, including what's believed to be a near doubling of the service staff assigned to handle number porting requests. All around the iPhone-lovin' world, the expectation is that we'll hear an announcement before the end of the year with a hardware launch in early 2011. (Compare and contrast Big Red's stance on Windows Phone 7.)

Now we hear from a VZW insider that training notices have been sent out to customer service personnel describing an "Iconic Device" that will be available for pre-order on November 9, 2010. The device is expected to be in very high demand, and the training goes on to cover how to handle the pre-orders as they come in. Our source even came through with the internal display you see above.

Update: Reader CJ points out that the Motorola Droid Pro is scheduled to be available for pre-order on the same day, with a similar Iconic Device identifier. The screens might be referring to the same device launch, but they might not.

Is it a mortal lock? No, but Apple does like to announce things on Tuesdays. We'll see.

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