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ComScore: Android grows, iPhone stagnates, everyone else loses in US smartphone market share

Vlad Savov

This is getting to be something of a familiar story. ComScore's latest smartphone ownership figures for the US, spanning the quarter between July and September this year, show Android continuing to gain ground on its contemporaries with 44 percent growth of its share of smartphone subscribers -- to the detriment of almost everyone else in the market. Only Apple's iOS manages to maintain its slice of the pie constant (an iPhone 4-fueled improvement on last quarter, when it too was losing out to the Android juggernaut), as BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile take the brunt of the losses. As to overall mobile OEMs, Samsung has added an extra few percentage points to its US lead, with LG keeping pace and Motorola and Nokia losing share. Hit the source link for the full breakdown.

[Thanks, John C.]

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