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DC Universe directors talk ranged vs. melee combat

Jef Reahard

Sony Online Entertainment is going absolutely video crazy with DC Universe Online. Not that we mind of course. The latest release is a new edition of Inside the Studio, hosted by game director Chris Cao and creative director Jens Andersen. The dynamic duo are here to answer your Facebook-submitted questions, and they touch on everything from maps and city exploration to the game's headline system and combat mechanics.

Most of the time is devoted to combat, of course, as player skill and combat customization are clearly DCUO's talking points. The directors have some interesting things to say about ranged vs. melee combat, even going so far as to indicate that melee is the more important of the pair. "What we found that gave the most satisfying superhero experience is really a big brawler. But it's a brawler with ranged weapons," Cao says.

If that makes you scratch your head like we scratched ours, keep watching, as it starts to make a bit more sense as the discussion continues.

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