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Final iPad campaign video

Save has released the final video covering their project to set up a company called D7 Consulting with 20 iPads to implement in their day-to-day business. It sounds like the whole thing has been a rousing success -- back when the project first kicked off, D7 said they wanted to use the iPad to track statements and reports directly from their construction work sites, and according to this video, that's exactly what they've done, reducing paperwork and serving as a great example of how to put Apple's consumer technology to use in the workplace.

There's also some information in the video about and their service, and of course the whole project was developed partly as a demonstration of what's possible with's filesharing software. But what's really impressive about this for everybody is that with the ubiquity of powerful, connected devices like the iPad, almost every kind of business can benefit from having access to files and all of the other features that the iPad brings to the table.

Stay tuned -- we're aiming to do one more visit with D7 Consulting to see how the project went and what they learned from putting the iPad to work in their office. TUAW originally helped kick off this project with by helping them choose someone from our readership to start using these iPads, and there's definitely more to learn from what and D7 have done with this project.

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