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Motorola Droid Pro tipped for November 9 pre-sales through Verizon, November 18 launch

Vlad Savov

What would we ever do without informative tipsters, eh? Android Central has received an internal Verizon document identifying Motorola's Droid Pro as an iconic device and setting out details for its upcoming launch. November 9 is the date pinpointed for the commencement of pre-sales, which seem to be different from pre-orders insofar as they'll actually ship out to buyers starting November 10, meaning quite a few will have their portrait QWERTY handset in their pocket before the proper November 18 release date. Bear in mind that this is still unofficial information for now, though given that Moto itself promised the Droid Pro for the first week of November, it'd be weird if this wasn't the schedule for the handset's release. Speaking of weird... "iconic device," seriously Verizon?

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