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New Lineage II project in the works

Jef Reahard

Korean imports are all the rage these days, what with TERA inching closer to open beta and release, Aion maintaining a small but faithful North American playerbase, and ArcheAge beginning to turn heads in the West. Not to be outdone by all the young whippersnappers is Lineage II, NCsoft's stalwart PvP-focused title that's been lopping off heads and parading around in skimpy armor since 2004.

The official Lineage II website brings word of a new, untitled expansion in the works, complete with a lengthy lore entry -- focused on the goddess Shilen -- and a brief bit of video footage. We don't have many details on the expansion content, but we'll keep our eyes peeled, as Lineage II has always provided significant bang for the buck with its meaty (and free) chronicle updates.

In the meantime, check out the video after the break.

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