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One of life's great mysteries revealed: How Pokemon get made

Where do Pokémon come from? No, we're not talking about the means of Poké-reproduction -- a subject matter typically skirted around in the core game franchise (do those eggs just magically appear?) -- rather, who designs, names and provides statistics for each of the game's 649 creatures? A handful of Game Freak designers recently outlined the process to 1UP -- and it's not quite as unfeelingly scientific as you might think.

"There's about 17 people in our design team, and generally what happens is they each draw their own Pokémon and then they get discussed over group meetings," Game Freak co-founder Ken Sugimori explained. He added that, for Pokémon Black and White, the lead designers focused on the game's pair of legendary monsters, while the younger staffers created the three new starters. Considering the special places we have in our hearts for the Squirtles and Charmanders of the series, that's quite a bit of pressure for the newbies.

Check out the full interview for more insight into the the miracle of Poké-life.

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