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PSA: Xbox 360 S Kinect bundle doesn't come with Kinect AC adapter


Here we are, having our own little private November Christmas, tearing apart the freshly delivered Xbox 360 S console bundle, replete with Kinect and Kinect Adventures, only to make an inconvenient discovery -- the Xbox 360 S Kinect bundle doesn't contain a standalone power cord for Kinect, leaving folks who want to use those Kinects on older (pre-Slim) Xbox 360s in the lurch. How in the world are we going to show Grandma all our stylish new Dance Central moves when she's only got a regular Xbox 360?

As of this minute, Microsoft isn't showing individual Kinect power cords on its website, though a Microsoft rep is looking into whether they'll be offered in the future. An Xbox Support team member notes on the forums, "If you wish to use your Kinect with an older Xbox, you would need to purchase the Kinect stand-alone kit. This includes the sensor, [Kinect] Adventures, and all the necessary cables." Otherwise, unless Grandma's got her own Kinect, or an Xbox 360 S, your dance moves are staying firmly holstered in your own abode.

[Thanks Drew!]

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