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Skyfire pulls iPhone app from App Store due to overloaded servers


Just five hours into availability, high demand on Skyfire servers forced them to pull the Skyfire iOS app from the App Store. The company says its working to increase server capacity and will have a new group of apps available "soon." The $US2.99 app brought Flash video, in a roundabout way, to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Here's how it worked.

The app was a standalone Webkit browser. When used to visit a site with Flash video, the app presents a thumbnail. When tapped, the video is transcoded on Skyfire's servers to HTML5 and streamed to the device. Note that Flash games won't work and Hulu has blocked Skyfire, as it wants people to sign up for the $10/mo. Hulu Plus.

During its short stint of availability, Skyfire became the third most-downloaded paid app. Good luck getting the server demand worked out. You can watch a video of the app after the break.

Ed. note: Download Squad got a hands-on with the app before the servers turned to molten slag and the app was pulled.

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