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Super Meat Boy XBLA patch near completion, includes 20 new levels


Team Meat is wrapping up the Super Meat Boy patch that addresses the auto-save glitch and, in fact, "all known bugs" in the Xbox Live Arcade game. The free title update will also include 20 new levels and a new music track, Team Meat tweets, and it's expected to be completed this week and "hopefully will be up soon" (pending Microsoft's approval). Also, if for some really stupid reason you haven't picked up the game yet -- those few bugs be damned -- the launch sale is still "going for another week" (from yesterday).

In other Meat Boy news: The Steam release for PC is still being targeted for the last week of November (with the Mac version coming "after" that). Over the past few days, Team Meat has peppered the @SuperMeatBoy feed with irresistible morsels plucked from the Steam game: 30-plus achievements, "most rejected by MS for their difficulty"? Check! Level editor? You betcha. Mr. Minecraft and five additional "exclusive" characters that'll make you change your pants? Uh-huh -- and that's not even counting the returning warp zone unlockables. Yeah but, how about a launch sale for this Steam version? No doubt.

Okay, that does it! We're buying Super Meat Boy ... again. Yes, "buy em both!" agrees Team Meat. "2 almost identical games for 1/3rd the price of Fallout New Vegas! So worth it .... (no seriously it's worth it)."

[Pictured: "Mr. Minecraft" unlock screen character art (PC version); source: Twitpic]

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