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'We are the controller!' A Kinect launch party overview


Microsoft says the future of gaming starts today with Kinect, but this man obviously disagrees. The Time is Fulfilled ... The End is at Hand. After last night's Kinect launch festivities, you might be inclined to agree.

Microsoft transformed Times Square into the biggest Dance Central of them all, by getting hundreds of dancers to partake in a coordinated dance routine throughout the evening. The final routine, in which all the dancers collapsed on the floor, was a bit unsettling.

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Microsoft handed out t-shirts saying "I Am The Controller" to many of the fans waiting in line. Some took that notion more seriously than others:

The group was comprised of mostly Xbox fans -- not a single person looked like they were drawn in via Oprah or Ellen. Well, except maybe this guy:

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Considering the ecstatic look on his face, it seems like the end is nigh. The end of gaming with controllers, right?

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[Photography by Sara Kestlinger]

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